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Upholding IAQ Industry Standards

The Indoor Environmental Association (IEA) is a nonprofit organization that dedicates itself to the discovery and exchange of indoor-air-quality information and innovations through the facilitation of research and communication within the industry.

Indoor Environmental Standards

The IEA promotes strict industry standards and guidelines for members and non-members alike. Maintaining uniform standards keeps the industry balanced and promotes quality workmanship.


Member Review

All members are certified under the IEA and are constantly reviewed to make sure they are adhering to the quality and standards of the IEA.

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Membership & Certification

IEA certification represents commitment to industry standards, protocol, and education. All certified members must adhere to the IEA code of standards. Members also receive the benefits offered to their membership.

Membership Certification

The Indoor Environmental Association offers professional certification for organizations or individual professionals involved with indoor air quality inspection, construction, sample collection, laboratory analysis, industrial hygiene, product development and sales, education, and research.


Membership Requirements

Membership requires approval and symbolizes the commitment of your organization to quality service, ethical business behavior, and adherence to the IEA standards.

Applying for Membership

If you are an indoor environmental organization or professional, you may apply through our website.

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More About the IEA

Learn more about one of nation's leading indoor-air-quality/ indoor environmental organizations.

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Our professional collaboration gives our organization the ability to connect people from around the country to better our industry.